OL 2010 - IMAP in Offline Mode

Oct 14, 2011
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Hey hey,

I'd appreciate a helping hand, or some pointers concerning the following problem:

- I'm using OL 2010, with an IMAP account
- The server that account is associated with has suffered fatal, irrecoverable loss of life. And data.
- I have a 6gb .pst file here on my work-station, containing the downloaded emails from said account.
- Using offline mode, I was able to access the locally stored e-mails from said account until 2 days ago. Then, suddenly, ALL IMAP folders and the e-mail contained therein disappeared. The .pst file has not diminished in size.
- Only the "inbox" folder, containing about 127 mails is still visible.

Is there any way of accessing the information stored (locally) in the .pst file, i.e. the e-mails in the IMAP subfolders and sent items folder?
Company IT is unable to help me with this. Google likewise seems to know no answer.



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