PST file won't open



Running Outlook 98 under Windows XP Home. Networked.
PST file size == 680 MB
Problem: Outlook loads and crashes/locks up immediately/
Program "not responding"; reboot necessary
Outlook Express picks up email/ accounts fine - just need
to use outlook - lots of good stuff on the PST file - if
that is the problem??
Tried these things:
1) Backed up pst file
2) Ran Inbox repair: Inbox repair locked on contact with
the PST file; reboot necessary
3) Add/ Remove Programs: Outlook: a) simple install// just
open outlook - locks - reboot
4) Add/Remove Programs: Outlook b)simple install //
reinsatll// open outlook - locks - reboot
5) Add remove programs: Remove Outlook: Full Reinstall;
Open outlook - locks - reboot; ran Inbox Repair; completes
scan; crash on hitting "Repair"
6) Have Outlook on other computer in network: Opened
Outlook fine. Tried to access the PST file on problem
computer; can't. - crashes
7) Note: PST file set as primary In-box. Outlook crashes
before able to poin to other PST or create new pst.

Outlook has sometimes allowed a few seconds of access. I
can see Contacts. I can see emails in In box:



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