"Broken" PST files?

Outlook 2007 / Windows XP / PST formats both Outlook 2002 and Outlook 2003

Problem: I keep getting "Delayed Write Failures" across most of my PST


1) Files are stored on network drive. (company policy)

2) All files are 400MB and less

3) I have 6 PSTs loaded at all times while running Outlook

What I've tried.

1) Run ScanPST on each PST. It found errors and was able to repair.
However, it becomes "bad" again a couple of hours later. Again, I'm able to
run ScanPST and repair the files.

2) Checked with IT support that I have not exceeded any storage limits on
our network drive.

3) Created a new folder and moved the PST files.

Are there any other suggestions?



K. Orland

Since Outlook requires constant read/write to the PST, storage on network
drives is not recommended or even supported. Not only will you see this type
of issue but the PST's are easily corrupted as well.

It is recommended that you keep the PST files local to Outlook (on the
PC/notebook) and simply copy them up to your network drive as a backup while
Outlook is closed.



Diane Poremsky [MVP]

You will always get the delayed write error when network communications is
interrupted. The proper fix is to keep the pst local - which is the only
supported method. Network access can corrupt the pst and cause loss of data.
If the powers that be insist on requiring you to store the pst on the
network, they will need to insure network access is not interrupted. (It's
a very poor policy.)

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
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