PST Transfer problem

Jun 7, 2010
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Dear Office outlook users,
I have 2 pcs running XP Pro.
1st PC is running MSOffice SB edition 2007 and the 2nd has just been reformated and done all the windows XP Pro updates.
Also installed the same MSOffice to transfer everything form the 1st to the 2nd PC.
I've tried the windows transfer program before installing the MSOffice on the 2nd.
But it did not copy the PST and outlook settings/infos to the 2nd, only documents, etc.
Was this because there was no MSOffice still installed on the 2nd?

After installing the MSOffice on the 2nd copied the pst file (via USB HDD) and pasted it on the outlook folder.
1st run Outlook opened and asked to set up account, i click no/cancel to go directly to the frontpage in order to go to the settings and direct to my existing pst file.
So outlook created a new pst file. under tools/setting i made "add" pst file...waited ~1min and it come with an error saying the pst file was corrupt.
tried to do file>import pst....done the same.
copied the file via ethernet...done the same. compressed the pst > copied to USB HDD > pasted to 2nd pc ... same result > corrupt file.
run pstscan ... took hours and come up with an error about the pst file ...

I then tried to put the old HDD (1stPC) on the 2nd PC and copy PST HDD to HDD .... windows would not start with 1st page.
I even tried to put the 1st HDD alone on the 2nd PC, but still blue page.... why does it do that ? because it's not the same PC (both Dells).
When I put the 1st HDD back on the 1st PC starts as nothing happened.
If put it as slave on 2nd PC it starts well too and can browse the 1st HDD.
I started Outlook on 2nd PC and "add" the PST from 1st HDD....and.....same corruption error as before. Even form teh original PST it does not work.
Does it mean there is something wrong with the 2nd PC Office ?

I'm desperate, not sure what to do next.

Any tips ? help ?

Really appreciate it. Thank you.


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