Outlook 2007 PST Transfer Import Copy Problem Corrupt

Jun 7, 2010
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Dear Outlook friends,
I have a problem with my outlook PST file.
I had 2 Dell PCs with XP Pro on both:
Old one with Office SB 2007 MLK.
New with Office Pro 2007 Retail.
I formated the new PC and wanted to move the PST from the old to the new. However as I done that the PST become corrupt - says to launch PST check program ... program works for a longtime then stops saying the PST is corrupt - that I knew...thank you.
So tried with the File Transfer from Windows, done the same thing, corrupt PST.
Then reformated the new HDD and put the Office SB 2007 MLK. Copied the PST and...was corrupt again.
This trials went on for weeks, until I decided to clone the HDD. If I copied (re-write) PST to the old PC it worked. Tried with import and copy/paste = same result for both, corrupt.
Worked well, but many of the programs and stuff I do not need anymore are still on the HDD and I wanted to start with a XPS fresh installation.

Question: Why does the PST become corrupt when copying or moving to another Outlook 2007 ?
Sholdn't it be compatible to any Outlook 2007 ?

Please let me know what you think it's happening here, I want to format and re-install everything.

Thank you


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