Problems with password protected documents.




I don't know whether anyone here can help me, but if you can it would
be much appreciated.

My mother has a win-xp computer, but because she only uses the
internet for half an hour or so a month, she's still on a dial up
line. As such she doesn't allow the standard MS upgrades etc. to be
downloaded. Instead, every now and again, I bring her PC home, plug it
into my broadband, and do six months or so upgrades all in one hit.

Unfortunately the last time I did this, just over a month ago, it
appeared to corrupt a number of mum's excel files. She'd put passwords
onto the files so that they could not even be read without knowing the
password, but post the upgrade, the password is rejected.

It's a standard password she uses, a single Welsh language word, based
on the name of the road she lives in. Not easy to guess if you don't
know it, or speak any Welsh, but easy to remember otherwise. By which
I simply mean we know she's not just simply forgotten her password, or
mis-spelled it.

The thing is, even on another machine, they won't now open, nor will
they open in OpenOffice, or a different version of excel.

Does anyone have any ideas on how we might recover these documents?
They are quite important, and it's just starting to get urgent.

Alternatively, is there a more appropriate group I could post to?

Many thanks,






Robert Flanagan

Dave, more than likely the workbooks have been come corrupted. I have had a
few people with identical problems - entered an easy to remember password
and then never get access.

However, on the off chance that this is not the case, then

offers a service to recover password open protected workbooks. I have never
used them, but they are the only one I know with a solution.

Please post back if you use them so we learn from your experience.

Robert Flanagan

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