Problems with default font




I want to change my default font and size in Word 2007. I tried using the
Font dialogue box launcher and clicking the default button in the bottom
right, but this didnt work.

I opened the styles task pane and tried to modify the normal style, but
curiously the Normal style was set to the font I had tried to set in the
dialogue box (meaning that my initial attempt at modifying the default font
actually did work).

So each time I open a new document the font is defaulting to calibri (body),
but when I look at the normal style properties its verdana (which is what i
want). Of course i can reapply the normal style but wouldnt want to do that
each time i open a new doc.

strangely the style task pane is set to only display styles currently used.
As soon as i start typing a '+body' appears.

how do I get rid of this calibri (body) and make word use the Normal style

My style task pane also displays Heading 1 in it, even though its not
currently being used. seeing as it is set to only display styles that are
being used, why is it appearing.

My initial thoughs that some how a theme is intefering, but im not sure how.
any help would be appreciated.



Stefan Blom

Open normal.dotm as a file. You can search for it in Windows (be sure to
search hidden files and folders). When you find the file, right-click it and
choose Open from the context menu. Select the blank paragraph in the file,
and press Ctrl+SpaceBar to clear any direct formatting. Save and close the
file. Now, does Word behave when you create new blank documents?


it certainly is behaving. Thanks for your help. I can only assume that i
had played around with that Normal file some time in the past and hadnt
realised i had made an amendment to it.


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