Formatting the label and number of a table in cross-references




I'm using Calibri (Body) font size 12 as the normal style in a word
document. When I insert a cross-reference for a table (as in "Table XX
shows..."), the font of "Table XX" automatically becomes Times New Roman 12.
I checked the styles menu but couldn't find anything relevant on the list.

I'll be glad if someone could help me with it.

Thank you in advance,



Stefan Blom

It seems as if direct formatting has been applied to the cross-referenced
item; such formatting would be repeated in the cross-reference.

Modify the style you are using for your captions (by default, this is the
Caption style) to include the desired formatting, which should fix the
formatting of the cross-references.

Alternatively, add the \* CHARFORMAT switch to the affected cross-reference
(REF) fields. After you have updated the fields, they will use the formatting
at the insertion point (or actually the formatting applied to the first
character of the field code).

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