Windows XP Problems with Bluetooth

Jan 4, 2008
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Hi All,

I am having a problem with a Sony VGN-SZ1HP/B laptop. A friend of mine tried to reinstall his O/S using the supplied Sony recovery media. The reinstall went fine until he wanted to use his bluetooth. Whenever he wanted to use the bluetooth functionaliity it brought up a driver installation screen that looked like it was interrupted half way through an install of the device driver. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the device driver to no effect. It still did the same, when i tried to use the bluetooth it started to resume a driver install.

I have now wiped and reinstalled the O/S "again", using teh same recovery disks "again", and i have gotten a step further however i still have problems. I can now open up the bluetooth software. I click on "Start", "All Programs", "Bluetooth". The following is what happens when i try to use different parts of the bluetooth programee...

1.) "Bluetooth Information Exchanger" - When i click on the "Information Exchanger" i get a box pop up that says "Bluetooth Information Exchanger Please wait..." after waiting about a minute it comes up with a warning message telling me that "Bluetooth has not started." I have no idea why not?

2.) "Bluetooth Settings" - I open up the Bluetooth settings wizard and there is only one option i can choose "New Connection", when i click that i get a message saying "Bluetooth is not ready"

This one has got me a little bit stumped...

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance



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