Problems With Auto Complete



I have been using auto complete in Outlook 2002 for some
time now, but when i tried to use it today it did not
work at all. All the properties that allowed me to use
autocomplete are enabled but it still does not work. Any



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Usually means a corrupt profile. You'll have to create a new one, but when
you do, you;'ll lose your autocompletion cache. If you want to keep your
current Autocompletion cache, save your NK2 file, then rename it to match
your new profile. The autocompletion cache is rarely the cause of the
problem so you can usually reuse it.



Russ is "spot on" with his response to you. If you want to find it so that
you can do the renaming suggested, follow these instructions.

Your autocomplete file bears the same name as your MS Outlook profile name
and has an extension of nk2. Further, it is found in your Documents and
Setting Folder.

(Make certain that in your Folder settings, you can view hidden and system

Here's where you can look for it manually:

Docs and Settings\Your login user name\applications\Microsoft\Outlook.

When you go to that directory, there should now be at least one file with an
extension of NK2.

If you wish to search for this file, start your search dialogue, and select
Advanced Search options to search for Hidden and System files. Next, you
should look in your Documents and Settings folder and search for *.nk2.

Another clever way to find that files is by typing:

%userprofile%\application data\Microsoft\Outlook in your Windows Explorer
address line.

Hope this helps!





You may also want to know that we have written a utility that will enable
you to open and edit the NK2 file, a capability that most are unaware of but
that would like to have. You may read more about this utility at

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