Problems viewing DVD's - PowerDVD 5.0 and Nvidia Geforce 2 MX/MX 4400 card


Apologies if this is the wrong group, it seems relevant to post to a
"Windows - Hardware" group. This query also relates to Cyberlink PowerDVD
5.0 (for which I cannot find a relevant newsgroup) - which is the
application in which the trouble I have is occuring.

I have Windows XP Pro running on a Geforce 2 MX/MX 4400 (64 meg) video
display card. I'm trying to play DVD's via PowerDVD ver 5.0. It gives an
error message as follows:
"Error Code F4D41436 The TV Out Port of your display card is not working
properly. Under "Detailed" button it says "This copy protected disc cannot
be played when the TV Out function is enabled".

I'm not trying to play DVD's through the PC to the TV; I'm merely trying to
play them on my PC to the computer monitor, I don't see what relevance the
"TV-Out" has to my situation.

Previously I had a Nvidia TNT2 AGP card, and PowerDVD 5.0 worked fine with
all DVD's eg recent titles like Die Hard, Back to the Future etc (which I
assume has the macro-copy protection). I may reinstall that card since it
doesn't have the TV-Out port, only the VGA connector.

System Changes:
I recently did a Windows XP reinstall (clean) and changed from the Nvidia
AGP card to a PCI Geforce 2 MX/MX 4400. The only onther system change was to
convert from Fat32 to NTFS (I doubt that would do anything to prevent DVD's
playing (?).

At the moment, I"m trying to download the Forceware (an earlier version
since I've seen various posts about this issue with other dvd players (mine
is an LG DVD/CD-RW with which PowerDVD 5.0 came (OEM ver)). about this
error, and that it has something to do with the Macro-something copy
protection, however the site isn't working correctly and I can't get past
the licence acceptance screen on for some reason to download
the softare/drivers. I've allowed the site in my "trusted sites" in my
firewall, and browser, don't know what the problem is.

Are there any other sources I can get these drivers from, and
recommendations on the version where PowerDVD 5.0 works OK with the Geforce
2 MX/MX 4400?

Am also posting this to Windows.hardware group.

Thanks for any advice or feedback.



Cari \(MS-MVP\)

A PCI graphics card is going to be very slow, no matter what you do.

However you do need to disable the TV out portion, or the DVD will refuse to



Andrew Murray

Thank you for the advice about the slow-ness of PCI graphics cards; I'll
probably put my AGP card back in, or get a newer one, although I don't know
how common AGP 4x cards are these days, with 6x/8x being the standard ones.
My system's barely three years old.

However to the specific problem, I downloaded the Nvidia drivers for the
current card and solved the issue with PowerDVD not playing. It plays fine
using the 64meg PCI video card for the moment. Didn't figure out how to
enable/disable the TV out though; no setting in the "ForceWare" to do this.

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