ntsc on a nvidia geforce4 mx 4000 in vista



i have a nvidia geforce4 mx 4000 video card, i cant figure out how to change
the tv output on it to ntsc so i can see it on the tv, it worked just fine
with xp, it used the software from nvida to do so, but when i installed vista
there wasnt any software avilable for it, but vista reconizes it as a gforce4
mx 4000, i can turn on the tv, but its black and white and moves down the
screen with a black line in the middle, i think my card is set to pal right
now, and i need to figure out how to change it to ntsc in windows vista



Cal Bear '66

From the nVidia web site, it looks like there are no Vista drivers for your
card. You will have to upgrade your video card to get this functionality with

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