Help! GeForce FX 5500 and ATI 9550 video card



Motherboard: K7VTA3
CPU: AMD Duron 1.6Ghz
OS: Windows XP Pro
Memory: DDR 512
Video: GeForce MX4000 MX 64M DDR
GeForce FX 5500 128M DDR
ATI Radeon 9550 256M DDR

My video card is Geforce MX4000 and never had problem running any
When I upgraded the video card to GeForce FX5500 or ATI radeon 9550 I
have problem
running game like Brother in Arm, Call of Duty 2, Metal of Honor
Allied Assault.
All 3 games unexpectly quited or showed some blank screen then
I never had problem running Metal of Honor with Geforce MX4000. I
installed DirectX9.0 version C. No help. I don't know where the problem
occur. Could it be that motherboard
is not fast enough to handle FX 5500 or Radeon 9550? Is there so
called AGP driver
to install?

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