Problems Starting RAS



i am having trouble starting RAS for a dial-up connection. The error i am
getting in event log in this:

The Routing and Remote Access service terminated with service-specific error

So i did my research and came across the following:;en-us;840686;en-us;Q299013

i tried them both (with the expection of reinstalling TCP/IP since i cant do
that right now) and the service still fails to start.

so i enabled tracing on ras and found this:
1720] 16:40:01:713: Service SDO is starting service: 1...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: IAS Core Manager is initializing the IAS components...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: IAS Core Manager is attaching to the local machine...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Machine SDO is attempting to attach to the local
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Machine SDO is initializing the IAS support services...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Machine SDO is creating the SDO schema...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Machine SDO has successfully attached to computer:
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Machine SDO is attempting to retrieve the Service SDO
for service: IAS...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Error in Machine SDO - InitializeSDOSchema() - Could
not initialize the IAS data store...
[1720] 16:40:01:713: Error in Machine SDO - GetServiceSDO() - Could not
initialize the SDO schema...

now i did copy the new MDBs over, as article 840686 instructed me to, yet
this is still occuring.

if anyone have any ideas i would be greatly appreciative!

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