Windows 2003 RAS Service on Windows NT4 Domain will not start



I cannot start my RAS service and get the following explanation from technet:

"The Routing and Remote Access service is not available because the
accounting provider failed to load and start"

When trying to reolve this issue I discovered that on technet in the Windows
2000 RAS Server category there is an article explaining that if the RAS
Service is on a server in a NT4 domain, a message during installation
relating to updating the RAS and IAS Servers on the Active Directory failed
and that you should just ignore the error.

Does this also apply to Windows 2003 Server, or must the RAS service reside
in an AD? or ?


Microsoft Support provided a workaround that sort of solved that problem.


RRAS will fail to start if you have SQL logging enabled on the RAS
properties. We disabled SQL logging and were able to start the RRAS service

However now the server hangs every during second or so connection attempt
and sometimes restarts, reason unknown and nothing in the event logs!

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