RAS connection with Windows CE client fails



I'm having a problem getting RAS setup to handle a Windows CE client. It
looks like the connection is successful but a second or two after the
connected message is displayed it disconnects. It's using a direct serial
connection that works fine with a laptop. The CE device will also connect
fine using the PPP setup to a Windows 2000 machine not using RAS. Below is
a dump from the log.

Any ideas why it's disconnecting?

NAS-IP-Address :
User-Name : 0x
Record-Date : 01/20/2005
Record-Time : 14:24:59
Service-Name : RAS
Computer-Name : TESTBOX
Acct-Session-Id : 3
NAS-IP-Address :
Service-Type : Framed
Framed-Protocol : PPP
NAS-Port : 13
NAS-Port-Type : Async
Client-IP-Address :
MS-RAS-Vendor : Microsoft
MS-RAS-Version : MSRASV5.20
Provider-Type : Windows
Class : 311 1 01/14/2005 19:16:16 2
SAM-Account-Name : TEST\Guest
Authentication-Type : MS-CHAP-V1
Fully-Qualifed-User-Name: test.local/Users/Guest
Packet-Type : Access-Request
Reason-Code : The operation completed successfully.

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