name resolution of RAS clients hostname




I run into a problem trying to set up a failover remote access for distant
The thing is our application is based on MS Message Queue 3.0 and uses OS
(hostname) addressing for messages (both directions).
So - once the clients connect via dial-up PPP connections - I need them to
update their A&PTR records in the given DNS zone.
The clients are members of different AD domains than the RAS server is.

I read the docs and decided to make RAS allocate IPs from the DHCP pool
(made for RAS only) so the DHCP could update the A&PTR records in the DNS
zone on behalf of the clients.
I added DNS address & suffix in the DHCP option for the pool (i.e.
I configured RAS to use DHCP as the source of IP configuration (i.e. DHCP
I configured the clients to register their IPs in the DNS, using interface
specific name+suffix (i.e. 2 checkboxes in the DNS pane).
I allowed unsecured updates in the DNS zone, to make it accessible for
computers from out the AD domain.

Clients receive simple configuration while connecting.
After about 15 seconds it is replaced by the DHCP options (DNS IP & domain
The problem is - the zone remains empty.
The clients do not create/update their A&PTR records, so they are not
available for the MS MQ to send them messages.

My configuration:
2 nodes
MS Windows Server 2003 EE
MS MQ (clustered)
RRAS (node2)
DHCP (node2)
DNS (node2)

1. Is it possible to use DNS based name resolution for dial-up clients to
make hostname-based comunication possible?
2. How to make RRAS or DHCP or the client itself to register A&PTR?

Please help. Thanks in advance.

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