Problems opening spreadsheets after importing data



Thanks in advance for any help you can give me.
I have a rather annoying problem with excel. After I import text data
into Excel (whether via a macro, or doing it manually from the menu), I
can no longer open a new excel workbook by double-clicking it from the
folder view. Even right clicking on the file, and selecting Open does
nothing, Excel simply goes back to the previously active workbook and
does nothing.
Here's what I've tried so far:
The file > open command works ok.
Closing the worksheet, (but keeping Excel open), fails
Closing and re-opening Excel, works ok.
Changing options on the Import wizard, (to do with the refresh, I
thought it maybe the refresh data option that was messing around)
My work-flow involves opening a lot files from the folder view, as the
file > open method is really not convenient. And I'm getting a headache
from head-butting the monitor all the time :))
My Excel version is Office XP



Dave Peterson

upgrading to the latest and greatest service pack for office 2002 should fix it:;en-us;Q323548
Description of the Excel 2002 update: June 19, 2002

The last item on that list:
XL2002: Cannot Open .xls File in Explorer After Using Text Import Wizard

After you use the Text Import Wizard in Excel to open a text file, you may not
be able to open an Excel file when you double-click it in Windows Explorer or in
the Recent Documents list (click Start, and then point to Recent Documents).


spreadsheets dont handle DATA

keep your DATA in a database and lose the training wheels



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