Connection/Refresh Control unavailable for imported XML data



I'm using Excel 2007, and I'm experimenting with the XML capabilities
of Excel (that exist for Excel 2003 if I'm correct, since I have
followed Excel 2007 doc and installed an Office Excel 2003 XML Tools

In particular, I have a sheet that is populated from an external XML
file (created by exporting the range).
When the XML file has been updated, I can update the data range in the
Excel sheet by manually refreshing the data (right-click/Refresh, or
menu Data/RefreshAll).

However, I can't turn on the refresh options: when I select
"Connections/<the connection>/Properties, all options in the "Usage"
tab are disabled (grayed out).
In particular I'd like to turn on the "Update data when opening file"
and "remove data from ... workbook".

Is this a known limitation of the XML import/export, or is there
another setting I overlooked?

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