Problems connecting the domain controller



About three weeks ago, a computer ( TEST ) in my domain
stopped being able to connect to a domain controller (
DC ). Here's the wierd thing. It's only that computer
and ONLY when I'm logged in as a particular account (
which is a domain administrator account - MEADMIN ). For
instance, I can get to the DC from TEST logged in as
Administrator but when I try to as MEADMIN it doesn't
work. I get an error: "\\DC is not accessbile. You
might not have permission to use this network resource.
Contact the administrator of this server to find out if
you have access permissions. The user name could not be

When I go to a different computer and log in as MEADMIN
and try to connect to DC, it works.

Anyone have any ideas?

Steven Umbach

Possibly a problem with the computer account/secure channel. You may be logging
in with cached credentials on the other accounts which you can tell by using the
set command and looking for logon server line which will be the local computer
and no the domain controller if cached logons are used. I would suggest running
netdiag on that computer looking for any failed tests that may help pinpoint the
problem and looking in Event Viewer for any pertinent errors.. --- Steve;en-us;321708

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