Problems after upgrading to XP



I recently upgraded to Windows XP Pro. from 2000 Pro. Now my LAN internet
connection will only run at a maximum of 10mbps instead of its usual 100mbps.
Not sure why. My speakers will not work as none of the audio line-ins on my
motherboard will work. The computer seems to completely ignore them. For a
while now I've been using a USB headset because the computer will not
acknowledge anything else I plug in. When I try to switch audio playback
devices there is nothing else on the list even when I plug in headphohes to
the front line in and speakers in the rear one.. If I don't have the headset
plugged in, Media Player gives me an error message. I've looked and found the
device in device manager and it says it wont start. I've uninstalled and
reinstalled several times and nothing. Not sure what to do.

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