Sound Playback



I have speakers plugged into the motherboard sound socket and a wireless USB
In Windows XP I am able select the speakers for audio playback and the
headset for voice playback and this works fine (eg speakers for music and
headset for Skype).

But in Vista I can only choose one of these devices for playback of audio
and voice. Is there a way to use both the speakers and the headset?



Paul Montgomery

Yes, this has been bugging me for a while now and i have not found a
solution to it! I want to be able to hear people in the game through my
headset, but sounds through my speakers, does anyone know how to do this
or know of any program that could enable this feature in Vista x64?

I would say NO.

The fact that you are only the second person to post in the thread
pretty much confirms it.

The FIRST post was in MAY OF LAST YEAR.

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