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I have speakers plugged into the motherboard sound socket and USB headset.
In Windows XP I am able select the speakers for audio playback and the
headset for voice playback and this works fine (eg speakers for music and
headset for Skype).

But in Vista I can only choose one of these devices for playback of audio
and voice. Is there a way to use both the speakers and the headset?

Rick Rogers

Hi PE,

Only if sound card drivers from the manufacturer support that split function
under Vista. Microsoft merely supplies basic function drivers or those
supplied by the device manufacturer. For more advanced functionality, the
sound card manufacturer would need to supply a driver that supports it.

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

Windows help -
My thoughts


Were these sound card drivers present in XP, or was that an OS function? If
there truly were sound drivers that enabled this, will the XP drivers work in
Vista? It seemed inherent to the XP OS, and not available to the Vista OS.

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