Best Soundcard To Use

May 27, 2017
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hi all

i have just bought new components to build a new pc
the components are
i770k cpu
asus prime z270-a motherboard
corsair vengeance led 32g ddr4 -3466 memory
corsair h100i v2 liquid cooler
samsung 960 evo 1tb
wd blue 6tb hard drive
evga geforce gtx 1080ti graphics card
window 10 usb flash drive
pioneer bdr-j11sk writer
lg bh16ns55 writer
silverstone primera rgb case
logitech g900 mouse
corsair k70 rgb rapidfire keyboard

my question is i am after buying a soundcard that will playback ultra hd and blu ray films and pc audio
i want to somehow connect it to a marantz 7010 amp
and a emotiva xpa3 gen3 and using rbh impressions peakers a 11.4 hometheatre speaker package and a oppo 205 4k player
i will be connecting the fronts and centre to the emotiva the rest to marantz
i want to be able to playback ultra hd films blu ray fillms and all audio sounds from my pc through my rbh impressions speaker package without loss of audio sound and through all 11.4 speakers with the sound card that you all reccommend
what cables do i need how do i connect it and how do i set it up through the amp and sound card using the very latest power dvd software and using my writers to playback movies thanks need info asap thanks

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