ASUS Orion Pro Gaming Headset


Mar 25, 2003
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Benchmark Reviews have taken a look at the ASUS Orion Pro Gaming Headset, which does rate very well but at £77 is a lot for a gaming headset:

"In the words of ASUS, the ASUS Orion Pro Gaming headset was designed to deliver the "finest audio immersion and positioning needed in any game and at any location." In order to get the quality of audio that the ASUS Orion Pro gaming headset was designed to deliver, you must employ the Spitfire USB audio processor. The Spitfire is a driver-free piece of hardware that enables you to manipulate the audio, producing the desired audible effects for any application. You are able to use the ASUS Orion Pro gaming headset without the Spitfire by simply plugging in the 3.5mm headset/microphone connectors into your PC. At that point, the quality of audio is dependent upon your soundcard, and in most cases, the audio is still very good. Benchmark Reviews will test the ASUS Orion Pro gaming headset and review not only the audio quality, but also the other characteristics of the headset.

In order to determine the level of performance one can expect from the ASUS Orion Pro gaming headset, I will utilize a number of different programs and applications. These applications will include a variety of games, streaming audio and video programs, and interactive applications, such as Skype."

You can read their full review here.


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