BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset


Mar 25, 2003
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Benchmark Reviews have taken a look at the BitFenix Flo Gaming Headset - here's a snippet:

"BitFenix, a company best known for their chassis development, has decided to venture into the peripherals market. The BitFenix Flo gaming headset, model BFH-FLO-KWSK1-RP, is their first attempt at the audio accessory market. The BitFenix Flo is a headset that is aimed at both PC gamers, and users on the go. With a removable microphone and interchangeable cables, the Flo can be used for that heavy gaming session at the PC or easily converted to be taken on the road.

The headset market has plenty of competition to choose from, so I plan to put this headset through its paces to see how it performs and give a thorough review. I will see how this Flo gaming headset fairs with music, movies and games. I plan to use the site as well because the tests offered there are easily repeated by anyone reading this review. I will also be carrying this headset with me from home to work and back so I can get an idea of how the headset is to travel with and how it holds up to daily commuting."


Read more here.


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