Problem with XP application supporting Japanese & English together



I am involved in porting an application from Windows NT-E to XP-E,
and have run into a problem displaying Japanese characters alongside
English text.

Note that this application is running on an embedded device, and
users DO NOT have access to the OS at all. Users DO have the ability
to change the applications language from within the application. A
language change does not require a reboot, or the user to make any
changes at the OS level. Note that this approach works beatifully on
the NT-E 4.0 OS.

Following the port all languages are displayed beatifully, all except
for Japanese. Note that Japanese is the only language supported
requiring Unicode / DBCS, and also note that this application is NOT
currently Unicode compliant.
But then again with NT-E, the Japanese IME and the SAME code base
Japanese works beautifully. Why in the world would NT be "More Unicode
compliant" or forgiving than XP?

If I turn on support for Non-Unicode programs from Regional Options,
the Japanese text is displayed using the font I expect (MS Mincho),
however because this application displays a mix of both English text
and Japanese characters along side one another (ie. not all strings
are translated) when this OS switch is thrown the English characters
are not displayed using the font I expect. When this switch is thrown
I cannot display English text using the font I specify.

Is anyone aware of a problem using certain ASCII type fonts to
display English strings /characters while running with the OS
configured to support Non-Unicode programs in Japanese?

Also, is anyone aware of how I might programatically throw this
"support for non-unicopde applications" switch?

Thank You





I am not going to help you with the Japanese app port but was wondering if
you have successfully port it to XP Pro (Japanese version)? If so, you will
likely be able to use it on XPe.
All issues with regards to XP Pro (including unicode port from old NT) may
be faster and better answered in XP general newsgroups.


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