Japanese Keyboard and OS with English LIP



I just bought a Japanese Laptop.
It came with Japnese Windows Vista Ultimate installed.

I downloaded and installed the English LIP.

Now my system runs in English.

My keyboard is a Japanese layout. And I have to write in both Japanese and
English modes from time to time. (Mind you, displaying is no problem).

But input is a problem.

If I check the PREVIEW in the language bar, my keyboard is inputting
But there is one MAJOR flaw: the button under the ESC button is the toggle
switch that jumps between Japanese and Roman character input. It doesn't

So i have to install the IME and manually changed the settings in the
Language Bar every time I want to change languages. This is funky, and I've
never encountered it before.

Also, I tested a computer like mine at the store before I bought mine and I
saw that it can be done.

Any suggestions?



You just possibly save my sanity. I have a laptop I got here in Korea, which
is set in Korean. I don;t read Jorean, and so do not have the first idea of
how to change it into English language. It sounds like you've been through
this, so wondered if you could help me. No one else has so far in my many
enquiries I've posted around the internet.

With hope and thanks.




if you don't read korean, you should find a friend who does to help you go
thru the steps. but, if you have Vista Ultimate, go to Windows Update,
download the English LIP. Then go to START > Control Panel > Language and
Time > Display Language. It's actually quite easy, but if you can't read
what you're doing, it'll be a little tricky.
If you search microsoft for Vista Ultimate English LIP you should be able to
find more detailed instructions.

That said, anyone else have ideas about why I can't type Japanese text
without manually switching to IME in the Language Bar?

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