problem with upgrade 98 SE to XP



with a new HD I installed 98se, fully updated it, and began to install the
XP upgrade. After it copies the install files, I get
'setup has determined that drive C: is corrupted and cannot be repaired'.
The drive is a WD 160 GB. With Partition Magic I see that it is about 130
GB FAT32 (no unallocated space), so it appears the drive was formatted
correctly. Any idea what is hanging me up? thanks in advance.

Yves Leclerc

For Xp, you do not have to install or update Windos 98SE in order to install
the upgrade. Just boot the XP Upgrade install CD and follow the "fresh"
install process. During the time that XP is set up, it should ask you to
place the Windows 98SE CD into a CD Rom drive, so as to check for upgrade

To set up the 160 GB hard drive, you need to format the drive while:

1) Using XP with at least Service Pack 1 pre-installed onto the install CD.
Service Pack 1 comes with a "patch" to enable the setup of hard drives
larger than 137GB.

2) Format the hard drive as NTFS and not Fat32. XP has a limit placed on
FAT32 drives. It will not format FAT32 hard drives past 32GB and it will
not allow to storing of files with sizes greater than 4GB.

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