Upgrade from Windows 98 SE --> Windows XP Home Edition Acting Funky




I formatted my hard drive. Installed a clean instance of Windows 98,
and then installed a Windows XP Home Edition Upgrade. It is currently
a FAT32 file system.

The problems I am experiencing freezing when installing or launching
applications. And overall, my computer feels sluggish, even though it
never felt sluggish running Windows 98. The upgrade log doesn't
mention anything relevant. I am running a 1.0 GHZ AMD Duron Processor
with 384 MG of SDRAM. 20 GB HDD. Any thoughts would be greatly



Yves Leclerc

XP uses more processes in memory than 98. You may need to turn off a lot of
visual enhancements that XP installs.

Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)


One does not have to completely install Win 98 to be able to upgrade to XP..
if you had booted from the XP CD, you would have been asked for a qualifying
product CD.. at that point, you place the 98 CD into the CD drive and the XP
installation checks it out..

For a comprehensive view of installing XP, go to this website..


If I were you, I would consider re-installing using the above method.. one
proviso however.. if you have any devices like modems or network cards that
require XP drivers before they will work, get them now and save them to a CD
such that they can be installed after the XP setup has finished.. if you
have a motherboard driver CD, you must reload the drivers from it..

You might also consider getting more RAM.. 512mb is optimum for XP


That is interesting. I did not know that. As for re-installing
everything, I don't know if I feel like doing that all over again. I
will take your advice though and upgrade my RAM. It can only help I


Mike Hall \(MS-MVP\)


More memory will help for sure, especially if you are into programs like MS
Publisher or photo editing software..


Well, after all that, I tried to install Office 2000 again, and my
computer locked up completely. Tried a reboot, and it locks up at the
loading windows screen. Couldn't even go to a last known good
configuration. So I have decided that I am going to stick with Windows
98. The only reason I wanted to upgrade to XP was to use the new MP3
player my wife bought me, but I am going to sell that, since XP is
causing way too many problems.

Thanks for your help!


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