Can can't Partition Magic 7.0 do this job?


Gerrit Lansink

I work with a dual boot system (XP and 98) controlled by Boot
Magic/Partition Magic 7.0.
WindowsXP as well as Windows98 are on partition C: of Hard Disk 1.
Since I want to upgrade Windows XP with Service Pack 2 I need to
enlarge the C: partition. Therefore I created with Partition Magic an
unallocated partition (2 GB). But ... Partition Manager can't enlarge
the C: partition with these 2 GB. What can I do?

Disk 1 (60 GB) has following partitions (as indicated by Partition
Magic 7.0):
Partition Type Size MB Status Prim/Log
C: FAT32 4.996,7 Active Primary
*: Unallocated 2.000,3 None Primary
*: FAT32 4.996,8 Hidden Primary
*: Extended 46.649,7 None Primary
G: FAT32 46.649,7 None Logical

Disk 2 (20 GB):
Partition Type Size MB Status Prim/Log
*: Unallocated 7,8 None Primary
F: FAT32 19.524,3 None Primary

Smile Extender

When trying enlarging, did you boot from diskette or cd? I'm not sure if PM
version 7 allows you to change active boot partition.

John Barnett MVP

Perhaps partition magic is somewhat confused. How have you got windows xp
and windows 98 to work together on the same partition or is this option
simply a spelling mistake? Two operating systems on the same partition would
conflict with one another. No wonder partition magic is confused it's files
are probably all over the place. I think Gerrit you should consider
installing operating systems on two seperate partitions. Windows 98 on the
C: partition (dual boot must always have the oldest operating system
installed first) and then create a seperate partition for windows xp

What is the hidden partition? Did this originally butt up to the C:
partition. if so did you shrink the hidden primary partition by 2GB to make
room for the extension of the C; drive by 2GB?

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