Problem with one presentation

Jul 7, 2013
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Hello there,

I have this presentation where I need to format 81 slides in total. The problems are:

1. There is already a theme applied to the presentation which I am required to change and so I went to the Design Menu and chose the theme I wanted to apply. The problem starts here: the theme doesn't apply. There is a blue wave like structure which doesn't show on most all the slides and hence my theme is completely white.

2. Yes, I could copy and paste the text form this presentation to the next BUT the texts in one slide are written in multiple text boxes and hence I have no idea how to select text-only from this presentation and paste it to the next without selecting any design.

I know different text boxes could be merged using VBA easily but I do not have Developer menu in my PowerPoint 2007.

Strong help needed guys :cry:

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