Problem with my Power Options not appearing



I just reinstalled Windows XP Pro and I just loaded my software for my Backup
UPS. I then rebooted my computer and I saw a message that I've not seen
before when installing this software:

Powerchute has detected that hibernation support is not enabled on your

And when I go into Power Options I should be looking at 4 options that look
like this:

Turn off monitor:
Turn off hard disks:


But now I only see the top two options. The Standby and Hibernate options
are simply not there. Plus when I click on the Turn off Computer button, the
Standby button is greyed out.

So it appears that something is interfering with my Power Options. This has
not happened to me before. There does not appear to be anything in the BIOS
that pertains to this either.

I'm using the Intel DP35DP motherboard which I had put in my computer only
about 3 or 4 weeks ago.

Help if you can.


The first thing to check, especially since this is a new installation, is if you
have installed the correct display drivers for your video card. Look in Device
Manager (Start> Run> devmgmt.msc), and see what it shows in the Display Adapters

Also see>
Standby Problems:

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