Problem with MS Digital Image Standard 2006 on Vista?



What is my problem with MS Digital Image Standard 2006 on my Vista?

I moved my pictures from my old XP PC to my new Vista PC but when I delete
some pictures it doesn't completely delete them. The "thumbnail" reference
still appears when I select "File - Open" ....... and if I attempt to either
"OPEN" or "DELETE" them again, ....... I get an error message stating "file
currently unavailable: on removable media titled "OS"".

I did as "HELP" suggested ...... and used Windows Explorer ...... but
Windows Explorer does not "see" said "thumbnail" reference. Nor does my
Digimax Master camera program.

So, how do I rid my picture files of those "ghost files" that MS DIS thinks
it sees?

Or can I?

Thanks, Sam




H i:
I have MSD 2006 with Vista. The MSD 2006 formerly purchased for XP and
works really well as did with XP.

Sounds like software got collapsed. Try to uninstall and install to make
MSD2006 work as did with XP.

Or, try to post the same thread in MSD 2006 group, in which there are a
good, helpful MSD experts eager to offer a help you need.


Thanks MapleE, .... but, .... when I purchased my new Dell Dimension E521,
..... Vista, MSD 2006, etc., etc. were all pre-installed.

My old Dell had XP with MS PictureIt and I used the "Easy Transfer Cable" to
transfer all my files, settings, etc.

Thus, I don't know how to re-install just the MSD 2006 on my Vista but I
question whether it would make any difference if I did.

Me thinks there is a "bug" in the OS somewhere .... if MSD 2006 can "see"
the links to the "header record" of those purged files ...... but Windows
Explorer can't or won't show them to me.

Maybe a Disk Cleanup or Defrag ...... would solve my problem. ... ????

Again, thanks for your reply.


ps: I looked for that "MSD 2006 group" herein but could not find said to
post my question.


Sometime, ... often pre-installed softwares have limited period, mostly
within two months. Otherwise, the pre-installed software starts losing some
of function. Then, I'm guessing that's the problem?

In that case, only option for you is to purchase MSD 2006/2007, ... or else
other similar software to replace MSD2006.

It might be a good idea for you to visit Dell web-site to see whether any of
pre-installed softwares have limited-use. Limited-use is for me 'trial,'
that means, if you like, buy it, ... if you don't, just abandan to get rid
of them.




I found/figured out what my problem was with MS Digital Image Standard 2006.

The program must have been "saving" those thumb-nail pics in a "scratch
file" to hurry-up the "OPEN" process .... and didn't delete them when the
files were deleted.

They all disappeared after I "looked at" pictures on a CD then went back to
my hard drive ....... and the program had to "reinit" all the thumb-nails in
its "scratch file'.

Cheers, Sam

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