Problem with auto detection and assignment of drivers - Win XP 64Bits




I'm trying to use an old SCSI scanner on my 64 bits XP workstation.
The scanner is an Imacon Flextight Photo, and i am using a SCSI to
Firewire converter from Ratoc (FR1SX).
I already installed and used this setup in another computer, with XP
32 bits.

The problem is that i need to plug the scanner to the converter and
then to computer, and when Windows detects the device, i need it to
ask for the driver to install. And then i should install the scanner
Firewire driver. This worked fine on one of the computers.
But now, on this 64bits machine and on another Windows 32bits
computer, the OS automatically identifies the Ratoc as a "drive
device", an when i try to update the driver to the scanner one, it
tells me that the driver isn't accepted for that kind of device.
On the machine that is working, the Ratoc was under the "Other
devices" on device manager and then i installed the scanner driver,
and all works like a charm.
Is there any way of preventing windows form automatically assigning
the converter a driver and identify it as a
Tape driver?

I've tried all kind of tricks i could remember but i can't override
this behavior of windows.
Does anyone have some clue of what could be done on this situation?

Many thanks for your attention and time.

Best regards
José Pedro Costa
May 26, 2012
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Hi José,
did you find a solution to your problem?
I tried to install nearly the same configuration:
Imacon Flextight Photo
2nd Wave SCSI - FireWire Adaptor
Windows XP SP 3 (New Installation)

The Scanner (or the adaptor?) is detectec by windows as SBDP2 (or very similar named) device. And it does not accept the XP driver for the Imacon.

Would be great, to get a hint to solve this issue.

Best regrads,

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