problem removing PCTV USB2 and installing Logitech USB Speakers



Dear People,

I am running into a serious problem.
Previously I had PCTV USB2 installed on my laptop. Because it was
incompatible with my external Logitech USB Speakers I removed the software.
Unfortunately there are still some traces somewhere in the registry, which I
am unable to remove.
Because of these traces I am unable to install the Logitech Speakers.

When I connect the speakers to my laptop Compaq NC4200, with XPPro, they are
at first recognized as Logitech Speakers, then the system tries to load the
uninstalled drivers of PCTV USB2 audiodevice, which evidently do not work and
cannot be found. There is no way to force the speakers to look for the native
WDMA_USB.INF en .PNF files without being sidetracked to the PCTV USB2 drivers.

Can you give any idea how to get around this problem?

Pieter Houwink



Andrew E.

Go to run,type:regedit In regedit,expand HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/software,locate
& on it,select: delete Close-out,expand:HKEY_LOCAL_USER/software,do
the same,close out regedit when thru.Dont forget,some software may use
other names,+ once thru in regedit,go to my computer,search,option to show
hidden files folders,type in the names,in results,delete..

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