problem in repairing windows 2000




I want to repair windows 2000.
When a inserts a bootable CD in cdrom and boots from the windows 2000
It provied me two choices for repair. Repair using recoverconsole or
through emergency disk.
As i dont have any emergency disk so i opted for recovery console.
Then it gave me choice to select the partition on which you have the
windows 2000 i inserted 1. Then it asked for the administrator
password. I gave that then it sstuck in the command prompt with c:

I am screwed regarding what to do now and how to repair windows 2000.
Please provide a complete strp-bystep solution for the same. Your
response to the problem is appreciated.



Hello (e-mail address removed),

Describe the error you have, otherwise we can not help you to repair.

Best regards

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