Excel Printing Merged Cells in Excel

Dec 21, 2010
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Back in 2005 postitnote10 posted as follows:

<<I have a table in which the cells in the first column are actually
comprised of two merged cells. The rest of the columns are unmerged.

It looks something like the following:

| . Some data . |______Yes______|______Yes______|______No______|

The table is several pages long. When I print it out, Excel treats the
merged rows in the first column as if they are separate. This result
in the merged rows being divided across pages.

My example above would be printed as "Some data" at the bottom of on
page and "in here" printed at the top of the next page. I want Excel
to treat the merged cells as one cell and if the whole thing doesn't
fit at the bottom of a page to push the whole thing to the top of the
next page.

The table is rather large and the data in it will be changing, so
don't want to go in and manually set every page break. Does anyone
know how I can achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance >>

I have the same challenge and the response by Anne Troy seems to me to miss the point which is to prevent merged cells in the body of the report from being split at page breaks.

Is there a solution for Office 2003? A VBA one would be OK by me.


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