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Sep 12, 2017
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I am working in VBA and have a report project that loops through all the facilities that we do business with. The project features pivot tables and I am using merge cells to create different row heights between the title page and the individual pivot table pages.
Upon refresh of the pivot tables when encountering a new facility the row height resizes resulting in uneven spaces between entries in the pivot tables making for a very unattractive presentation,

I have tried various work arounds including:
1) unchecking autofit in pivot table options but leaving preserve cell formatting on update checked.
2) locking with worksheet protection to programmatically prevent the row height from changing.
Could not get to work because processing functions also became disabled.
3) writing a line of gibberish in an adjacent unused column and wrapping it that someone suggested.
Maybe I did not understand this solution but so far nothing has worked.

Any ideas?

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