Question on the occupied field of the pivot table in excel spreadsheet

Jan 8, 2013
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Hi, I am a newbiw in using the pivot table. One of my colleague had designed a pivot table and we use it in work. However, he resigned several months ago and problem comes.

While using the excel 2010, the pivot table has occupied the spreedsheet from row 3 to row 579 (the row no. are shown in blue), and the next row shown is row 2000(the row no. is shown in black).

So here are the questions.

1. It seems that many rows are hided in the spreadsheet. However, I have tried disable the hide function between row but it doesn't work. Does it mean that the pivot table only show the filled rows and hide the empties?

2. Assuming Q.1 is correct, than is it the pivot table will be fully filled up to row 1999 and won't show the remaining data? Actually I am trying to find a way to expand the size of the pivot table. (ie. increase the maximum no. of rows, like row 1999 -> row 2999)

Actually I am not familiar in using excel(ok, just know some basic) and so hope someone know what I have typed and can solve the problems. Thx

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