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I have a Windows XP Pro desktop connected by ethernet to a router for Fios. I
have a Canon PIXMA MX700 printer connected by a CAT5 cable to the router.

Initially I had the printer connected to the computer by USB but really
wanted to free up the USB port and by connecting it to the router, hopefully
I would be able to print from my wireless laptop as well. Initially I tried
doing the change myself but ended up getting written instructions from Canon
which got the install completed so that my desktop "sees the computer" fine.
The problem is that the Printer is labeled as "offline".

In order to accomplish the Install I did have to turn off my firewall. The
firewall is now on, but even trying it with the firewall off does not remedy
the Printer being listed as Offline.

I realize that the problem could be something I need to do with Windows or
with my Kaspersky Internet Secuity Program. I thought I would start with the
Windows Forum to see what insight can be gained.

(I have tried unplugging the cable and turning the printer and computer off
and restarting but that has made no difference.)

According to the little screen on the printer, the connection is Active.
There is an IP Address and a Subnet Mask and a Default gateway, and a Mac
Address. Mac Address Filtering and IP Address Filtering are both listed as
being Off.

In particular, is there anything I should be doing in the Printer Properties
window that would solve my problem?

Any insight is greatly appreciated.


Alan Morris [MSFT]

ping the printer and see if it can respond. Are you using a hostname or a
static IP address?

I'm not sure if the Canon devices supports SNMP. I'd go ahead and disable
this in the Port configuration of the printer in case the router is blocking
SNMP traffic.

Alan Morris
Windows Printing Team
Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base here:

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Dear Mr. Morris,

Thank you for responding.

I pinged from my desktop and received the following message: “Ping address
could not find host(xxxxx). Please check the name and try again.†– The
xxxx’s being the IP Address.

I went online to the configuration of my wireless network. There I find my
printer as connected by its Ethernet cable. It gives me an option to test the
connectivity by pinging. I did and the test was successful, but the printer
is still listed as offline in Windows Printers and Faxes.

I searched around in the Printer device settings but did not find anything
relative to SNMP (which is not a term that I am familiar with).

Could this mean that the problem is with my Kaspersky Internet security suite?



I also tried to scan but received a message on my desktop, not unexpected,
"There is an error in the scan driver. Please abort the scan." There would
appear to be some kind of communication though if the printer can send a
message to the desktop? Also, I think it is using a static IP Address.



Problem solved!

It is often the obvious that gets overlooked. I went to Control
Panel/Printers and selected my printer, then went to File on the Main Menu
and unchecked Use Printer Offline! Voila! I just didn't realize that there
was such an edit option there. Good thing I didn't have to pay someone for
that! Thanks for the help.


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