Print spooler won't start on MF 3.0


Christopher Bogart

Last week, the print spooler on our 1st Citrix server (MF 3.0) stopped.
The service stops shortly after trying to restart it.

Doing a deja search suggests that it could be a bad print driver.

The print drivers (I'm sure there are a few 3rd party drivers) were
installed at least 3 months ago. No new printers have been added since.
And I've had no real printing problems since that time. The setting in
the Citrix Management Console is set to use the Universal print driver.

Event log shows error ID 7031 which is the print spooler stopped error.

I deleted the .spl & .shd files (there were 4 dated the day the spooler
stopped) in C:\winnt\system32\spool\printers folder. I deleted all the
drivers from the Windows side (Printers>File>Server Properties) of the
2nd Citrix server, but the printers are still listed in the Citrix
Management Console. I'd like to delete the drivers on the 1st server,
but can't get the service to stay started.

I have not touched the wtsuprn.inf file (I thought only MF 1.8 uses it)

This one's got me stumped.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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