Print Spooler problems



Firstly, an apology - I am aware this is an XP discussion group and I am
running Vista. However, I am unable to sign in to the Vista site and hoped
there might be someone viewing this who could help me out.

I have two printers connected to my new laptop (running Vista). Both were
previously connected to a laptop running XP with no problems. One is an HP
colour laser printer, the other a Sharp copier/printer

However, the print spooler keeps stopping and I am unable to print. I
restart the spooler and still have no luck, so restart the machine and so we
go on... As far as I am aware, I have the latest drivers for both printers.
The HP installed immediately although the Sharp was a little more

Having fought this for a few hours, I switched on a couple of days ago and
it behaved impeccably, but the problems have started again.

Please, has anyone any suggestions on what I need to do to resolve this

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