Print problem with HP K550 OfficeJet Pro Help appreciated.


buddy b

XP is OS.
Printer about 4 years in use.

I had been printing single sheets in color and B&W all day when the
black text and color stopped showing from one page to the next.
I changed Black cart although it still had a little ink.

Still can`t print in black.

1. Replaced the cyan/magenta print head for another reason and checked
all the carts expiration dates; all were this year or next.

2. Cleaned both print heads but did not solve print problem.

3. Used HP online chat but to no avail.

4. Turned off printer and after several hours printed a normal page
in color and black.

5. The next page the problem was back.

6. Print heads also cleaned electronically but did not help.

Any ideas appreciated.
buddy b
Apr 8, 2010
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Had similar problem with an HP PSC1205.
Cleaning the print nozzles, indicated the cartridge still contained ink, but I could not get a consistent print run.
Swapped cartirdges over to brand new HP original cartridges and problem was resolved ! subsequently I have used remanufactured cartridges again in this printer without problems

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