HP fixed printhead blocked - a trick!



Just thaught Id pass this on - my son's family have a HP all in one
printer/scanner with fixed printheads that cant be got at or removed, (I
didnt know HP produced such - I thaught they had all printheads attached
to carts.!).
Anyway they were talking about having to replace the printer because the
black wouldnt print anymore no matter how much cleaning etc. was tried.
I did a bit of trawling and no fixes at all came to light but it turns
out ethyl alcohol mixed with a bit of water is good for the job of
dissolving ink . So we put two drops of neat vodka on the jet entrance
(relying on the existing ink in the black printhead to provide the
water), put a layer of clingfilm over the cartrige to avoid drying and
ink contamination, put it back in and left overnight, clingfilm off next
day - job done and has been printing fine ever since. C+


I use Isopropyl Alcohol.

I get it at supermarkets where it is sold as Dry Gas (making sure it is
Isopropyl Alcohol).

I use it as a cleaner and solvent as well as I keep it in my car for a fire
starter as well as for starting my outboard, 2-cycle, motor (remove spark
plug and sqeeze a sray of alcohol into the chamber and then put the spark
plug back in).

Isopropyl Alcohol is safer on many plastics unlike other alcohols.

Often I'll use it to clean the surface before applying a Brother P-Touch TZ

Isopropyl is different chemically from Ethyl - dunno if it makes a
difference for melting inks! Both are miscible in water. C+

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