HP 342 and 343 cartridges (on Officejet 6310)


Kamil Baranski


I have a problem with HP Officejet 6310 All-in-One. This printer uses
black cartridge (for example 339) and HP 342 or 343 tricolor
cartridges. I usually print in black color only (I've turned on the
options "color: grayscale" and "grayscale mode: black print cartridge
only"), rarely in color.

The 342 and 343 tricolor cartridges regularly breaks. The printer
shows: "Cartridge Error: Cartridge on left must be replaced", but the
software indicated nearly full ink level the day before. When I remove
the cartridge there's "Insert cartridge on left" message and printing
or copying is impossible.

I bought about 4 cartridges during few years and everyone is broken
now, even if I did print maybe 10 pages using every of them. I heard
an opinion that HP printers burns out the electronics (the fuse?) in
cartridge after a number of pages to avoid re-inking of the cartridge?

Is there a way to use this printer without tricolor cartridge? Or is
there a way to obtain a cartridge which will not break? Maybe there's
a way to shorten or block few pins on cartridge socket to make the
printer print in black?

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