Print multiple documents from fax console?




I am using the Windows Shared Fax Service. My fax server is Windows
2003 SBS and my client machine is Windows XP.

I have a bunch of faxes in my outgoing fax queue. I can see them in
Fax Console in the Outbox.

I can print them one at a time to my printer, but is there a way to
select multiple of them and print the batch? When I select more than
one, the print option is greyed out.

I also went to the server and took a look in the directory
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows
I see a bunch of files with .fqp and .fqe extensions. I believe they
are the documents in the outbox of the fax service. Is there a way to
use those to do my batch print?

Also, another idea is to tell the fax service to send the faxes to a
printer instead of to the fax modem, but I dont see how to do that

Any ideas?


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

If these faxes are already in your Outbox, you already sent them. Explain
how you created and sent these faxes and why they remain in your Outbox.
There should be no reason to print to the Fax printer once a fax is in your

You appear to have an issue with how your fax client and server are
configured. You'd need to post in an SBS group for help with that. Outlook
is not in play here.

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