Powerpoint Teaching Game - Advice Needed




I'm making a game for use with young children for use in classrooms. I am
restricted to using Powerpoint.

I need to be able to show the children an item and tell them the price and
they then have to click on the correct coins needed to pay.

Is there a way I can do this without simply having 4 options showing
different coins so that a child can actually choose each coin individually?

I am unsure how I could have the programme work such that child A might
choose the 10 pence coin first but child b might choose 50 pence coin first
etc etc and there is no way I can make a slide for each possible outcome!

Any ideas

John Wilson

You need to use triggers on the "correct" coins each of which causes a
covering shape to exit over the "reward" which could be a further action
button to trigger a response. The "reward" will only be active when all the
coins are clicked and all of the "covers" are removed.

See this demo

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