need help to make a game in ppt with vba

Dec 28, 2011
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i am making a game similar to are you smarter than a 5th grader. the problem is that i dont know what is the best way to use vba to choose from a pool of questions and 4 possible answers to appear in a slide that i want to reuse for that pool of questions. here is how i planned the game: i made a slide with 8 bottoms each one with a topic. the student click a topic and goes to a slide where the question has to appear in a textbox and the answers in another 4 textboxes to pick the correct one. after choosing he will go back to the topics slide and choose again another topic. i included a picture of both slides. can someone please give me suggestion on how to do this the easiest way? i have 25 questions for each topic and i know how to accomplish this but it will take me for ever to write a code the way i know and they will not be random. please heeeelp!!

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