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I'm trying to create a matching game on Powerpoint just like the old TV
game show "Concentration". I've successfully hidden the objects to be
matched with darkened in text boxes and I can get the test boxes to fly
out with a mouse click but can this be done randomly or repeatedly. The
children will select the same numbers over and over until a match is
made so Ifor this to work, I have to make the text box disappear
multiple times but in no set order. Is this possible.


David M. Marcovitz

Shyam has a Concentration game already made:

It uses VBA because some of the things you want to do are easy with
traditional PowerPoint, but some are much harder so VBA makes this much
easier to do.


David M. Marcovitz
Microsoft PowerPoint MVP
Director of Graduate Programs in Educational Technology
Loyola College in Maryland
Author of _Powerful PowerPoint for Educators_

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